Just look at any kid who's conquered their first two-wheeled descent; feet up and finally aware that speed provides stability. We're not ready to let go of that stoke. Each ride we set out to find it, time and time again; apexing hot mix hairpins, trains with mates through the dirt jumps, flying into Crabapple Hits, pedalling through cramps to find another 100km in our legs, splitting queued traffic on the commute or finding the limits of traction on an unknown gravel descent.

Riding bikes gets us stoked. And we want to share that feeling with you.


Grove Bike Co care about our bikes’ impact upon society and the environment. While having a garage full of bikes may sound appealing, grab the brakes for a moment and consider how many different bikes we really need and what does each bike cost the planet, not just our wallet. Perhaps rather than piling up rarely used bikes, we can find one bike that covers a plethora of disciplines and offload our dust gatherers to a well deserving new home (local bike charity, junior club racer or your neighbour who hates their car commute).

Road, gravel, cyclocross, commuter, adventure; with a quick wheelset or tyres swap you can have 5-in-1 with the Grove R.A.D - Road & Dirt.

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